50th Anniversary of MLK March on Washington

March on Washington

As an African woman, I feel so much love for my African American brothers and sisters. We were separated by distance for many generations, and it was only a matter of time before we found each other. Like many Africans, we are identified as African Americans when we migrate to this country. Often, we hold on to cultural anchors as we study the new role we have been assigned, while balancing a dual identity: one part hinging on how we are perceived, and the other on how we identify ourselves.

Thus being Black in America is not just about skin color. Part of assimilation is learning about the African American culture in its appropriate historical context. On the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington, I am reminded of how much has been done so that I may celebrate the civil liberties African Americans have fought for. For this, I lift you up to honor and salute you, in praise of the many opportunities that I, along with my African brothers and sisters are afforded in the U.S.

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