Bidii Children Foundation

We champion efforts toward empowerment among children in rural communities through education, and support Bidii Children Foundation (, a registered 501 (c)(3) education nonprofit co-founded in 2009.  The foundation is dedicated to combating famine and poverty in western Kenya, and aims to increase support for orphans, poor children and  underserved women in rural communities through promoting education and self-sustainability.

Bidii Children Foundation’s Mission:

1. Enable AIDS orphans and at risk children to enroll and complete secondary school through fully funded 4-year scholarships
2. Provide basic supplies to primary school children
3. Provide mentorship to primary and secondary school students to motivate them to stay in school and excel in life
4. Help unprivileged women to establish and maintain entrepreneurial projects to sustain their livelihoods
5. Provide 50 computers for classes and basic e-learning to primary school students.

As we work to further our goals, your support is crucial to the foundation’s success. We are grateful for any support you may be able to lend to this organization and look forward to your involvement.

For further inquires, please contact:

Electine Sifuna
Founder, Bidii Children
Phone: (201)

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