Korto Momolu’s New York Fashion Week 2013 Showing


During this year’s New York Fashion Week, I was humbled to be part of Fashion Runway alum, Korto Momolu’s backstage team. We helped transform the showroom within a few hours, setting up, repainting the runway, and making gift bags for the guests. It was so rewarding and felt like a meditation in the abundant joy that comes from serving.

When I first saw Korto, I had to do a double take because while the room was a whirlwind of parallel business, she’s the only one that looked still and focused. Everyone who spoke to her had panic in their voice, yet she maintained a calm tone, as though narrating a lazy Sunday.


When I got a chance to speak with her, I asked her just one question that I came all the way to NYC for:

Me: What advice would you give someone growing up in an immigrant household or any young person whose parents have already set parameters for what their career should be, yet they have other aspirations for themselves?

Korto: You can’t just tell your parents that you want to become whatever it is you aspire for. For me, I had to show my parents that I was talented, albeit in a different field from what they had in mind for me. They need to see that you will be okay pursuing a career that is not traditional and may be foreign to them. Parents want the best for you, so when you show them that you will be okay and can make a living in your chosen field, they’ll come around. That was my experience.

More on Korto Momolu’s inspiring ‘coming to America’ story:

Being part of Korto’s team was one of the most teaching moments. She was there surrounded with her family and close friends, and a backing like no other. It was humbling to see her lead from a serene and inattention-seeking way.

Had an amazing time tweet Korto

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More pics from Korto’s 2013 NYFW showing

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