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Meet Daniel Chacon, the WKA World Champion

Daniel Chacon, World Kickboxing Association World Champion

Daniel Chacon, World Kickboxing Association World Champion

Name: Federico Daniel Chacon Molina

Occupation: Professional Mix Martial Arts Fighter/ 2012 World champion/ Senior instructor at Beta Academy D.C

Education: High school graduated. Prince George CC Student

Country of Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina / Bolivia

Neighborhood: Columbia Heights

City/State: Washington, D.C

Number of years in the U.S.: 19

Anything that’s worth having requires hard work. My family wasn’t anywhere near wealthy, but I grew up feeling rich in love and sincere kindness.  My parents knew my home country wasn’t suitable for their children so they decided to bring us to America. Being separated from the culture and comfortable environment was very difficult for us. At school, I was bullied and mocked for my looks and not be able to speak English. After a while I adapted and quickly understood that being in this country has a lot of potential and opportunities for me to take advantage of.

I took a chance and devoted myself to the combat arts of Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts.) After years of discipline, focus and determination, I started to make a name for myself in competitions.  After a few years, I was selected to represent Team USA at the WKA (World Kickboxing Association) World Championships. This prestigious event is only held once a year and only the top amateur fighters from around the world are selected to attend and represent their nation. I defeated all my opponents in my division and was crowned the new World Champion. Soon after that I turned professional and since then, I have been undefeated.

In the spirit of giving back through my passion, I help others from all walks of life and ages, by sharing the beauty of martial arts. As an instructor I’m able teach, train and pour my soul to all my students and teammates at Beta Academy in Washington D.C., where I aspire for martial arts to change their lives, like it did mine.

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  1. Probably one of the best guys I personally know. Great to see him going places.

  2. This is a friend and coach who inspires me everyday when we train together who pushes one to keep moving foward and to never give up.

  3. Malcolm Travis says:


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