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Meet Erika DiPalma, the Crime Scene Investigator Turned Entrepreneur/CEO

My Own Fingerprint Inc CEO, Erika DiPalma

My Own Fingerprint Inc CEO, Erika DiPalma

Name: Erika Di Palma

Occupation: Crime Scene Investigator and CEO of My Own Fingerprint, Inc. (

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Anthropology from the University of Miami; Master of Forensic Science with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigation from the George Washington University

Country of Origin: Born in the U.S.; daughter of Argentinean immigrant parents

Neighborhood: Hollywood Hills

Current City/State: Hollywood Hills, CA

Number of years in the U.S: 29 years

I was born in South Florida to Argentinian parents.  From a young age, I saw the struggles my parents went through in order to assimilate to a new environment.  I vowed to myself to not only choose an exciting career but one that made me happy.  My motto in life goes: find something you’d do for free, make it your life, and the rest will follow.

After receiving my Master’s Degree, I began a career as a Crime Scene Investigator and have since lifted hundreds of fingerprints from actual crime scenes.  Last summer, after responding to a high number of murders, I would unwind with long hikes, in an attempt to clear my mind from what most of us only see on our prime-time lineup.  Noticing the conventional workout gear of my fellow hikers, it dawned on me, “What better way to show off your individuality than with a fingerprint on your clothes!”  From there the concept was born, followed by the first prototype: a track jacket bearing a fingerprint on the back; now, in addition to t-shirts and sweatshirts, the collection includes watches and acrylic art pieces.  Fingerprints are my life.  I not only lift them from crime scenes and compare them to individuals but also think they are fascinating works of art.  They are, in essence, our physiological autographs.

I’m 29 years old and loving life.  My day job consists of being a CSI and my night job consists of being a CEO.  I truly believe that due to the morals and values my parents instilled in me at a young age, seeing the struggles they went through, and coupled with the drive of wanting to succeed, I can manifest my reality.

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