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Meet Josh Makinda, the Australian-Born Developer by Day, Stand-Up Comedian by Night


Josh builds apps by day, makes people laugh by night.

Josh nerdly builds apps by day, makes people laugh by night.

Name: Josh Makinda

Occupation: Comedian, Interactive Developer

Education: Degree in Sociology, from Murdoch University in Western Australia

Country of Origin: Australian-Born, Family is Kenyan

Current Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Bayridge

City/State: New York, Brooklyn

Number of years in the U.S:  1 year and 5 months


 Hello my name is Josh Makinda. I am a comedian from Perth, Western Australia. I was born in Perth, and my family is from Kenya—my skin also reflects this fact.

When I was 15 years old I used to walk around the city of Perth with an address of a certain comedy club in New York City, and used to even look up different venues and tourist attractions around that area of the city – I was obsessed and all I wanted to do was live the Jerry Seinfeld life. I wanted to live in an apartment in NYC, do plenty of comedy with a great amount of success, have awesome friends, go to the movies, and live a free life in New York.

I am now 26 years old and living in New York City, I am in an apartment with my girlfriend, I do comedy in the city, and I also work in an Interactive Agency as my day job, doing plentiful amounts of technical tasks, among them, creating apps.

I am not living the Seinfeld life perfectly just yet, as in I have no friends (…Just kidding, I do have friends (I don’t (I do!!!))), but over the next two years I will most definitely be achieving this goal, as I intend to take my comedy career up a major notch!

The actual process of coming to the U.S. and living in New York City was a NIGHTMARE. I had to spend thousands of dollars since I had dodgy immigration lawyers that wasted my money, others that provided  some assistance, business plans that went nowhere, jobs that dropped me refusing sponsorship, flimsy Visa scenarios, lost jobs under unfortunate circumstances, flew back and forth between U.S and Australia (like 35 hours basically!!!!), spent a year in Australia trying to get back, and in the process, spent a year away from my girlfriend, an actress in NYC. It was a very frustrating process. But for now, these Visa problems are over and in the future they will surely be lessened.

I now have more than enough time to focus on producing many forms of art, primarily in my comedy – but I have a wide range of activities that tantalize my brain too. I love being in New York City, it fills me with inspiration and simultaneously depresses me from its high level of competition. On the other hand, living here raises me up by its degree of opportunity and the competitiveness challenges me to hone my craft in whichever area more than ever.

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