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Meet Sebastian Miller, a German Living His American Dream

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Name: Sebastian Miller               

Occupation: Sales representative

Education: Bachelor of Science

Country of Origin: Germany

City/State: Stafford, Va

Number of years in the U.S.:  12 Years

I came to the United States from Germany at the age of 16, excited to learn a new culture, meet new people and get an education that would give me the opportunity to live the American dream.  When I lived in Germany I watched US sitcoms and MTV, which painted a picture of the American culture;  I wanted to be a part of it and moved here as a junior in high school. I stayed with my father who is a retired military personnel.

Attending a US High school was a culture shock and I was never able to adjust.  It was hard to make friends and fit in. I suffered from depression and my grades dropped and my social life suffered as well. I hung out in the wrong circle which affected the relationship with my father, so after high school I was on my own.  Struggling to find my way, I made some mistakes which led to me being incarcerated for six months.

I knew I had to change my life and become a productive citizen in my community.  It was hard to climb out of the whole I had dug for myself.  Society branded me, but I was determined not to be a statistic. After finishing NoVa community college, I enrolled into George Mason University as a business major. I started excelling in the classroom while holding a job at the Biology Department on campus. 

In 2011, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Since graduation, I took up employment for a distribution company, where I work as a Sales Representative. Every day I work hard to make my life better.  Not only can I now live the American dream, but I can also encourage the youth and be an example and show them that they too, can achieve their dreams. 

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