Vienna Nairobi, LLC

Vienna Nairobi is the parent company to “The Invisible Neighbors” project.

A for-purpose and outcomes-driven consulting firm, Vienna Nairobi, is centered on the delivery of public health services in the areas of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Women’s Health, Global Health, and Health Disparities.

Vienna Nairobi’s Mission

 “In the past few years, I have been inspired and compelled to align my values with my vocation, understanding well that my next step would require a shift in trajectory. I sought an impactful career in Public Health, and wondered tirelessly whether there was room for me, as someone who wanted to be led by passion-driven initiatives or if I would have to create this space anew.
Through the research I conducted in the developing world (Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya) and domestically (Dorchester, MA; Washington, DC) within low-income communities, I have learned a few truths. Among them, that poor health outcomes that plague these communities are the result of structural inequalities, and that my talents and passion for Public Health are a calling for me to be in study and service of the solution.
Being part of the solution requires the nimbleness to purposefully choose projects that will simultaneously maximize my potential, and have meaningful impact. It necessitates access to diverse projects that ask innovative research questions about the existing systemic obstacles within Public Health.
After a period of introspection, I launched Vienna Nairobi, LLC, a for-purpose Public Health consulting firm. I see the firm as a platform for myself and my network of conscious and talented colleagues to identify growth opportunities within Public Health and the gaps that exist in the delivery of and access to health care. Ultimately, Vienna Nairobi is centered on the delivery of Public Health services in the areas of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, as applied to women’s health, health disparities, and global health. In these capacities, I intend to highlight barriers in access to care, and identify best practices in the improvement of the delivery of health services to marginalized communities.
As I begin laying the foundations for Vienna Nairobi, I seek to cultivate partnerships with organizations that celebrate autonomy in thought and welcome creative and innovative approaches in combatting Public Health issues in under-resourced communities. A field with similarly impassioned actors can and will alter the quality, relevance, and access to resources in disenfranchised communities. I am humbled to be an actor and driver in this solution.”
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